About Us

The Muslim American Community RVA (MACR) is a religious congregation practicing the religion of Al Islam. It's adherants are Muslims. This congregation was established during the latter half of the 1950's beginning in 1955 by the pioneers who became members of the Nation of Islam-Temple #24. It's leader, Minister David Duff (Dawud Ahmad) and the entire congregation reverted from christianity to Islam as they understood it. Temple #24 was then located at 2116 North Avenue, Richmond, Va.

In 1975 these early adherants upon the death of the N.O.I leader, the Honorable Elijah Mohammad, embraced the new leadership of his son Imam Warith Deen Mohammad. These pioneers becoming his students and supporters. Previously identified as the Richmond Masjid of the American Muslim Mission, these pioneers established the foundation of faith for muslims at Masjid Bilal RVA and are now identified as The Muslim American Community RVA (MACR).

The Muslim American Community RVA welcomes all people in the promotion of the social practices found in the Qur’an. These practices when studied and lived will bring about an excellent way of life as demonstrated for generations worldwide and will result in communities exemplifying Human excellence.


The Muslim American Community RVA is associated to promote the social and religious advancement of all people by promoting the religious tenants of Al-Islam, establishing the Holy Qur’an as the Source of Guidance for humanity and the life of Prophet Muhammad as the perfect example of Human conduct. Realization of this mission should result in a faith community with a foundation of sound family structures exemplifying moral excellence in the cultural, political, educational and economic life of the American public.