The Muslim Funeral

Imam Michael Abdul Hakim is the contact person 804-286-2511.If the Imam cannot be reached call the Masjid Bilal Message Center at 804.222.9825.

Preparation for the Funeral Service

The Imam meets with the family and assists with the preparations of the service. This preparation includes an explaination to them family of how the muslim service is conducted. The Imam is available from the beginning of the service until the deceased is laid to rest. There is no embalming in the death of a Muslim. Burial is done the same day if possible and must be completed within 3 days.

Preparing the body for burial/ Basic Instructions

The body is washed and shrouded in clean white sheets that are scented with oils.The family may view the body after it is washed, before the shroud is done.

The body is then placed in the casket; the head should face the direction of the kaaba.

At the service the Imam leads the congregation in prayer. The congregation stands with intention of praying for the deceased. A prayer is said for the Prophet (SAWS). and then for the deceased, followed by a general supplication. A prayer is said for the deceased, followed by a general supplication. The prayer is ended with Salaams to the right and left.

After the prayer the service is ended at the burial ground where the body is placed directly in the ground, positioned to face the direction of the Kaaba.

Click here to download "Funeral Rites and Regulations"